Vanguard Spotlight Book of the Month: March 2020

Monthly Reads from ASU-Beebe Students, Faculty and Staff.

ASU-Beebe Employee Favorites

Each month Abington Library will feature a favorite book from a faculty, staff member, or student. They will give a brief synopsis of their chosen book.

Featured ASU-Beebe Student: Dylan Tumbleson

About Dylan

Dylan is a student at ASU-Beebe.

About the Book

Code Orange

Written by

Caroline B. Cooney

This is one of my favorite books due to the relevance and what could potentially be an outbreak in real life; accidents happen in this book. It's a good read if you like to get an interesting story with a strong point!

Summary by Dylan Tumbleson

          Mitty Blake is a junior at St. Raphels, which is a prep school in New York. Mitty’s family is rather wealthy in their area, so he doesn't care about school or really to even be there. He’d rather roam the streets in his spare time. In his science class, he is doing a paper over infectious disease called Smallpox. After the assignment is given to him, their family goes away for the weekend to a small country home on the outskirts of town. Out of boredom, Mitty starts looking through a bookshelf of random books. He stumbles across a medical book, tattered an beaten up, but he scans the crinkled pages and discovers an envelope with writings on it.

Of course, he opens it but doesn’t see anything inside, so he then tips it up and some heavy dust bunnies fall in his nose and mouth. After he wipes his face, a note had fallen out of the book. He couldn't read much of it due to age and the ripped pages. He found on the bottom scribbled in little cursive, “I have here a few scab samples of the smallpox outbreak back in…” The rest was withered away. Mitty panics and runs away.

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