Vanguard Spotlight Book of the Month: September 2015

Monthly Reads from ASU-Beebe Students, Faculty and Staff.

Faculty/Staff/Student Favorites

Each month Abington Library will feature a favorite book from a faculty, staff member, or student. They will give a brief synopsis of their chosen book. All books featured are available for check-out at the library. 

Featured ASU-Beebe Staff Member: Chris Boyett


About Chris

Chris Boyett, EdD, is the Vice-Chancellor for ASU-Heber Springs .

About the Book

Love Works by Joel Manby

The best book I've read in several years is Love Works by Joel Manby.  The book was a gift from my wife after I saw the author on an early episode of the TV show Undercover Boss.  Manby is the CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, parent company of theme parks like Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.  I was impressed with him during the show, and on our next trip to Branson, Meleah bought me a copy.  Sadly, it sat on my shelf for months as I chased other pursuits.
The book's premise is simple:  an outline for effective leadership is found in the Biblical book of I Corinthians chapter 13 (also known as "the Love Chapter").  Manby takes these few verses and illustrates good leadership through the description of agape love:  patient, kind, trusting, unselfish, truthful, forgiving, and dedicated.  He gives clear examples from his own experiences of what exactly these mean for leadership.  
While the Biblical framework drew me, Manby's personal touch caught me.  He began his career as a successful contestant in the proverbial "rat race."  He realized the shortcomings of this approach to leadership (and life) and was fortunate enough to find a better way.  
I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in a Biblical world view, but I also recommend it for those who are not.  He does not evangelize the reader, and an intense knowledge of Biblical references is not needed for enjoyment.  An appreciation for human dignity and respect are the only prerequisites.

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