Career Resources: Finding Books

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Getting Started

The Library Catalog and WorldCat are tools for finding books, journal titles, websites, DVDs and other material available from Abington Library and worldwide. Because the records in The Library Catalog and WorldCat are often brief they work best for searches by Author, Title and important subjects or keywords. 

The Library of Congress Subject Division for careers in general will be HF for Commerce. Specific careers will be under the subject division for that topic. For example, medical careers will be under the subject division R for Medicine. Legal careers will be under KF for Law. When searching the library catalog, you may want to type in the specific career AND vocational guidance (using the advanced search, if using the library catalog link off of the library website). That should narrow down a topic to that of vocations.

Books that have call numbers should be print books that are in the Arkansas State University-Beebe Libraries. Most will be at Abington Library and will be circulating books on the second floor, or reference books on the first floor (reference books will have REF in front of the call number). Electronic books will have no call number and can be viewed or downloaded.

Library Catalog Search

Borrowing Books from other libraries

Use the following tools when the Arkansas State University-Beebe libraries don't own the books you need, or if you just want to see what other materials might be available on your topic at other libraries:

OCLC WorldCat - Search results will show which libraries have a particular item.

Interlibrary Loan Form - Fill out this form and email it to Make sure to provide any important information, so we can find the item at another library.