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MLA Overview

News: MLA Handbook Releases Ninth Edition

The Modern Language Association (MLA) released an updated handbook in spring 2021. Abington Library has several circulating copies.

MLA has created a page regarding what is new in the ninth edition at

Advice for students and scholars:

  • Check with your faculty to see whether they expect MLA 8th or 9th edition.
  • Make sure the online resources you are using (database/citation generators, guides) clearly state the edition of MLA that they are following.
  • Consult the handbook in the reference section at the library or checkout a circulating copy.


In Text Citation and Works Cited work hand in hand, to give the reader knowledge of where you got your information from, who wrote it, and when it was published. The Works Cited list contains full information about the document you are citing, whereas in-text citation is a brief reference to said list. At its core, MLA Style uses containers to illustrate parts of a citation. An explanation of the containers can be found on the MLA Style Center website at You can also find an interactive practice template there at

Additional Info

Additional information on MLA style may be found at these websites: