Vanguard Spotlight Book of the Month: March 2024

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Featured ASU-Beebe Student: Kira Harris

About Kira

Kira Harris is a freshman at ASU-Beebe.






About the Book


Emotional Alchemy by Tara Bennett-Goleman

Review by Kira Harris

This is a book written for the sole purpose of helping a person connect with their inner self and understanding their emotions through mindfulness. Chock full of ways to calm the mind, Emotional Alchemy gives many reasons, helpful insights and practices for the reader to find happiness through the healing of their mind. Through learning mindfulness and awareness, whoever may grace themselves with time for these pages can learn to be more compassionate and make friends with themselves through something as simple as repeating positive affirmations and drinking tea. Everyone has repetitive emotions, but Goleman advises her audience on ways they can break harmful psychological habits and bring empathy and awareness to those habits. While recognizing no one was born with these habits, and that everyone has the ability to transform their mind with practice, people are able to free themselves of their own suffering.

This book can teach someone so much about their self, and anyone who may pick it up can allow themselves a whole new and better world beyond what they currently know. A true masterpiece, Tara Bennet-Goleman explains everything so thoroughly, the pages filled with so much love and knowledge this book can transform their life and gain a more positive view on the world.

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