Vanguard Spotlight Book of the Month: February 2022

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Each month Abington Library will feature a favorite book from a faculty, staff member, or student. They will give a brief synopsis of their chosen book.

Featured ASU-Beebe Faculty Member: M. Amber Bramlett

Amber Bramlett hoiding the book "Nomadland"

About Amber

M. Amber Bramlett is Assistant Professor of Education at ASU-Beebe.

About the Book

Nomadland: A review by M. Amber Bramlett, Assistant Professor of Education


Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by Jessica Bruder brilliantly details the current phenomenon of Americans, many of which are older, living transient lifestyles. Bruder travels alongside these present-day nomads across the western United States. She explores the concept of "houselessness" and watches as these individuals go through seasonal jobs, long days of isolating travel, and nights in unfamiliar parking lots and campgrounds - all while trying to reimagine the definition of home. The book covers topics such as isolation, ageism, economic struggle, and survival in America since the recession of 2007. Through it all, each nomad possesses the common threads of dignity, ingenuity, and hope for a better future.

In 2021 a movie based on the book, "Nomadland," starring Frances McDormand, was released to critical acclaim. Both the book and movie deeply resonated with me on many levels. I chose this as my favorite read from the last year because the message and subject matter stayed with me long after I finished them. It is a testament to human strength and resiliency in spite of adversity.

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