Vanguard Spotlight Book of the Month: June 2023

Monthly Reads from ASU-Beebe Students, Faculty and Staff.

ASU-Beebe Employee Favorites

Each month Abington Library will feature a favorite book from a faculty, staff member, or student. They will give a brief synopsis of their chosen book.

Featured ASU-Beebe Student: Allie Williams

About Allie

My name is Allie Williams. I just finished my first year at ASU Beebe, and I will be a sophomore in the fall. My major is MLT, which I will be starting this summer. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa and am in the honors program at ASUB. Though this year I did not have a lot of time to read, “Where the Crawdads Sing,” by Delia Owens, has easily become one of my favorites. 



About the Book

Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Reviewed by Allie Williams

The main character of this book is Kya Clark, a young girl living in the marsh of North Carolina. She’s portrayed as a troubled child with many family issues and people soon start to be almost afraid of her because she was the “marsh girl” and was so distant. Throughout her life, she is abandoned by everyone she held dear to her. You get the chance to experience these loses with Kya and walk with her throughout the journey. You understand the soul connection that Kya has with the marsh throughout the book and see how much the marsh has made her who she is. In my opinion, the marsh is what kept her alive. 

In the book, a young man is found dead. Obviously, everyone blames Kya simply because she’s the “marsh girl.” She had a motive, though, rightfully so. The book takes you through the phases of the investigation and Kya’s life. She eventually gets the ending that she deserves and dies with her life fulfilled after living a long life with her true love. What is found out after her death, though, is shocking. It changes the readers whole perspective of who Kya was.

I would recommend this book simply because of the huge twist at the end. It’s jaw-dropping. Another reason is because the author did a great job of making you feel so present while reading this book. I felt all the pain that Kya was going through while reading. This book allows you to connect to the characters and understand that there is much more to a person than what they seem. It’s a relatively easy read, and I would recommend it for those who are just getting into reading and love murder mystery! 


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